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My Story
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My Story

As a young adult I was painfully shy  I suffered from social anxiety and was extremely  self conscious. I hated meeting new people and the very thought of making conversation would fill me with dread. In my thirties I went along to a hypnosis show with a friend of mine. Who was invited to go up on stage, reluctantly they agreed.what happened next amazed me. This shy person that I had known for years who was normally so quiet and introverted was singing Elvis presley songs every time the hypnotist said the name Elvis. This impressed me !  I could not believe what I was witnessing.  I wanted to know how this was possible. This experience really captured my imagination. could hypnosis help me become more confident and less fearful? That question stayed with me and the desire to not only manage my own anxiety but help others who suffered from this crippling condition was the start of my journey into hypnosis and ultimately hypnotherapy.

I have now been in practice as a hypnotherapist for twenty five years  I have given talks and lectures to large organisations and groups and have a thriving hypnotherapy practice.

When I look back now I realise that hypnotic show was a huge turning point in my life. Over the years using the tools and techniques I have learned  I have been able to help myself and thousands of clients put their anxieties and fears behind them for good.


I trained originally with The International Association Of Hypnoanalysts and qualified in September 1994. I has since studied many aspects of Hypnotherapy including Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Brief Therapy, Cognitive Therapy. I have also trained with The International College Of Eclectic Therapies and hold a diploma in Gold Counselling (Now known as Analytical And Creative Therapy). I have trained with Terence watts creator of Symbiodynamics and am now a registered Symbiodynamics Trainer.

I am an Accredited member of The National Council For Hypnotherapy. 

I believe in client centered therapy, each session is therefore tailored to the individual needs you of the client.

Because of my eclectic background I offer a unique style of therapy.





















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