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Hypnosis is of enormous help in reducing stress and/or anxiety levels, though there are two distinctly different methods of treatment. Whether you need help for a one off situation like a driving test, for example, or a more persistant and possibly deeper-rooted problem, Hypnosis can help you. The best method for any individual can really only be determined by consultation, many people finding that two or three sessions spread over a month or so, are sufficient.

Fee: £70.00 per 60 minute session


If you think about it, most problems we have come with Anxiety issues built in, so for 
instance if you have irritable bowel syndrome when you go to a restaurant or even shopping,

you will want to know where the conveniences are and how far away they are
because your biggest fear is that you will not get there in time if you have an attack.

Over the years I have come to realise that if you eliminate the Anxiety that these various problems
produce then the problem itself diminishes.

So lets look at what other problems create Anxiety and how I can help.

Panic Attacks : As much as the Panic attack itself the sufferer fears embarrassing themselves in Public,
causing high levels of Anxiety about being in public places leading to not wanting to go out at all.

Public Speaking : Fear of making a mistake, fear of making a fool of ones self, again high levels of
  Anxiety at the very thought of making a speech in public.

Driving Test Nerves : Fear of failure, Producing Anxiety.

Exam Nerves : Fear of failure, Producing Anxiety

Phobias : High states of Anxiety created by the object of the phobia, ie. Snakes, Spiders, Flying,
Vomiting, Bees, Mice, Balloons, yes I have treated clients that have been phobic about Balloons
and everything else you can imagine all of them go in to a High state of Anxiety when even talking
about the object of their Phobia/ Fear.

Weight Loss : Fear of not reaching target weight, Fear of unhappiness from being overweight


I will be happy when.....syndrome creating Anxiety.
I could go on but I think by now you get the Idea
Eliminate the Anxiety The Problem Diminishes!
Most Problems have Anxiety built in!


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